Reply To: How are you MarioM?

24. Februar 2024 at 14:27 #53083

Hello Jack,

I was in contact wih him via eMail in 2022 the last time. Currently, the support is not as good as it was in the past.

The last support I got from Max2Play was from Stefan, so I think Mario left the company – as well as Jan. Both guys did a very good support: tried to help as good as they can and supported until the problem was solved!

In the past, it was also possible to get some support via phone. But now, the conversation is only done via this forum. Official Max2Play answer: so that all user have a benefit and the users can also support each other. So, from my point of view, Max2Play wants to reduce the support and they hope, that the user support each other – that’s not a good sign for the users… Bad news, because Max2Play is a userfriendly software and very felxible to use.

Currently, I also got some troubles with the operation of Pi3b+ with bluetooth speaker and Smartphone connection. The support told me, I did everything right – but bluetooth, WLAN and stick take to much current, that the usage is not very stable. But what to do now…?


PS: The forum is also not really uptodate, because no possibility to upload some screenshots or to post some links (with external pictures) – would be helpfull to support when there are failures.

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