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3. Januar 2024 at 23:46 #53019

Thanks for this, I have been using picoreplayer but recently acquired a generic waveshare 3.5 lcd that was not compatible with the piscreen overlay. It only works with the Waveshare driver. I needed a Debian based distro with similar functionality as picore and Max2Play hit the spot. So far I am really impressed with the web interface and just need to tweak a few more things to make it on par with picore (ex: launch jivelite in full screen or not load the desktop at all).

A few notes/differences that I had to do when following this thread was downloadinging the latest waveshare driver by cloning the git repo: – the scripts in the linked tar in the original post did not enable the screen

Also had to download the pcp-jivelite_wav35skin.tcz on my pcp first then grab it from its tcz cache directly: /mnt/mmcblk0p2/tce/optional (the download link in the post is no longer valid and I could not figure out another way to grab it)

Finally the 99-fbturbo.conf step was very important. jivelite or the desktop gui would not launch until I did that step.