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7. September 2022 at 10:17 #52394


Thank you for your response. I will do more troubleshooting and respond on this thread regarding whether the desired message on Filesystem/Mount plugin (GUI tab) indicating that the HD has not yet mounted and whether using the [checkbox] for mounting results in a permanent mount of the drive after reboot… etc.

I did update the kernel when attempting to use exFAT as my external USB drive filesystem. When this still did not allow exFAT to be accessible I tried various apt-get commands to load modules that would help my instance of Max2Play use exFAT. This did not work either, so I concentrated on getting my USB drive to be seen using the FAT32 (vfat) filesystem and it’s internal driver(?). This was marginally successful as described in an earlier post with fstab entry using device source „/dev/sda1“ not UUID.

Squeezelite not starting – HiFi-Berry Amp2 No Longer Connected
Sadly, now my HiFi-Berry-Amp2 is not working as a target of SqueezeLite. Max2Play’s [Audio-Player] plugin reports Squeezelite is not running and I have not been able (and do not have enough experience) to cause Squeezelite to start at all. So my RPi-3b music player can only send music thru the local network to Google-Chromecast remote speakers. The HiFi-Berry-Amp2 is just consuming watts but not generating any sound.

*** FRAGILE SDcards OS Execution Memory Suspected ***
My guess is my RPi running Max2Play which has performed well for many years (though with limited use), has become fragile as it seems too many RPi systems are prone to. Could be the weakness of relying on an SDcard to execute the OS, which these memory cards were not designed by the manufacturers to do sustainably. I have read this is a hardware problem with almost all RPi systems running from SDcards and not the fault of an OS like Max2Play.

*** Reloading the Max2Play image onto New SDcard – Preserving old Settings ? ***
My question for the Max2Play forum: What is the best procedure to follow, to start from scratch and reload the Max2Play OS onto a new SDcard from the Max2Play install image, yet retain most of my settings and configuration without having to manually re-establish each and every configuration setting ?

Until the Raspberry Pi community can transition from unreliable SDcard memory to a proper host memory hardware design that executes code from memory intended for repeated OS code execution, applications that use RPi SDcard based hardware, like Max2Play will be unfairly blamed for unreliable performance, when as an electronics person I think a good deal of the issue originated with hardware choices years ago necessitated by low cost requirements: SDcards. There are reliable memory choices today at a slight cost increase which would allow code to run faster and remain reliable. Until better memory is used, I and many other Max2Play users are stuck reloading the OS image onto new SDcards (or some other execution memory) as the applications we enjoy using become flaky due to OS code and config file corruption.