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15. Oktober 2021 at 16:30 #51745

HI Mario,

Thanks for helping and testing. The installation is for a friend, he is a big Noob, I am only an average.

Before I answer yours, could you please answer my last question, being:

2. I have installed “HiFi Berry AMP 2 (B+ Pi 2/3)”. Kindly confirm this is correct(?), the AMP is brand new from <link> . Reason for my choice is that I could not get the “HiFi Berry Amp/Amp+” working.

Your questions

Q: Which Max2Play version are you using?
-Brand new image, burned a week ago. I updated the Max2Play as first action. I don’t know where to read / see version, but I have executed a extra update, and linked a screenshot below. <link>.

Q:You may need to update Max2Play (and thus the Spotify Connect plugin) and reinstall Spotify Connect afterwards.
-Update executed, but Spottify Connect Plugin survived, running both before and after during the update.
-I executed a reboot. Max2Play started again, but without the desired autostart of the Spotify Connect plugin.
-To reinstal the plugin as requested(?), I removed it from the Plugin Configurator, Saved, Rebooted, Re-added “Spotify Connect plugin”, saved & rebooted.

My Spottify credentials had not been deleted, thus unsure if it qualifies as a reinstall. Anyway, “Spotify Connect plugin” did not autostart. ;(.

It’s a fairly simple set-up, and the fault seems illusive. I can easily reformat the SD card and load a new image. Wouldn’t take me long. Anyway, awaiting your advise.