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1. Juli 2020 at 13:15 #49149

Hi Robin,

Apparently, Jivelite still has problems when there is no internet connection available. If you don’t want to connect any other device to your system, you don’t actually need access point mode. You could uninstall it and theoretically turn off the automatic access point too. Please enter „-s“ in the command line options of Squeezelite so that you can at least play your music via the Squeezebox Server web interface when no internet connection is established. This way, the player should be accessible from the server.

I will pass your concern again to our chief developer. Maybe we’ll find a workaround after all. I suspect that somewhere in a config there is an IP address that Jivelite is trying to access. You might just have to change this to But I’m not sure about that. If this is the case, you could try uninstalling Jivelite and reinstalling it as soon as you have disconnected the system from the Internet. This could „force“ Jivelite to adjust the IP address accordingly. Maybe this thread in the slim devices forum will help you furthermore:

Edit: Jivelite is a graphic interface to control the playback of music played by the Squeezelite players via the Squeezebox server.

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