Reply To: Spotify stops playing randomly or starts playing and changes music.

9. Mai 2020 at 5:58 #48739

Unfortunately, I don’t have a solution for you Gonçalo.

Off the top of my head it looks like you have some other issues in play.
1. 504 Gateway Timeouts – looks like network or Spotify system server issues – this is not generated by you; but you may be doing something that causes the server to produce a time out.
2. Access Rate limit exceeded – you are sending/receiving too much from Spotify.

What else are you doing?
Are you using anything to convert playlists to Spotify? You may be trying to do too much all at once.
This is just from googling, I’m not familiar with these things as I don’t use playlist much on Spotify.

Apparently, there may be a way to ask Spotify to increase your rate limit for a period of time.
Otherwise, you can try to reduce your quality (lower than extreme 320kps) for a short duration to see if that clears up some of your issues. This would give you a data point to work with Spotify, if necessary.


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