Reply To: Spotify stops playing randomly or starts playing and changes music.

5. Mai 2020 at 17:00 #48705

Hi Mario,

no worries! No, I haven’t tried any other service! Just music, YouTube and Netflix over Airplay on a single device without any problems.

In the meantime I have:
– uninstalled and re-installed spotty plugin in squeezebox server;
– reduced audio settings to 160kbps in the plugin settings;
– selected „Monitor the connection of the Spotty Connect helper with the Spotify servers. This can be useful if your Spotty Connect-enabled devices regularly disappear from the Spotify apps“, as sometimes I have to wait for the device to appear and then disappears again.

The results were:
– Music still stops randomly, but it only stops after a greater amount of time. It is a pretty good improvement for now;
– Also, music changes didn’t happen again yet, so the „changing music problem“ seems solved.
– Sometimes I still have to wait for the device to appear, then disappears again and can’t start to play. Sometimes it’s only one time, sometimes more… Seems random.

At this point, I can’t really say what setting did what because it only got better when I did the last step, but maybe all of them together solved something.

What I plan to do now:
– reduce the audio settings to normal at 96kbps and see how it goes!

Will get back to you as soon as it fails or in two days, hopefully, with everything sorted out! 🙂