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15. Januar 2020 at 16:49 #47931

Hi, it is not really necessary to provide IP via dhcp, manual ip assignment is just another way to do this.
When I tested network boot with max2play it was allmost running but after e specific time it allways stopped working.
Maybe m2p was changed/improved meanwhile, so I dont know if it is running well now.

Meanwhile I switched over to a bare raspian installation with my own functionality, which fits more to my purposes.
My installation with network boot (without any SD card) from my PXE Server including snips (voice recognition), webcam via motioneye, mjpstreamer, MPD & yMPD (MPD Webinterface), TTS (text2Speech engine), USB redirector Server (used for CUL connection for my FHEM and ioBroker installation) a.s.o. So I left M2P some time time ago. Maybe I will retry in future …