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4. Mai 2019 at 16:29 #45260

Hi Heiner,

There is some more progress in debugging my music system problems. For breaking down the overall problem this is what I did first, also following your advise:

1. Replaced the apparently faulty SDcard with one of the pi Zero clients (other thread in this forum), this one is now up and running again.
2. Updated all clients to stretch, indeed, 3 clients were still on the old distribution.
3. Removed all unnecessary plugins, the clients just run squeezelight.
4. Enabled SDcard write protect plugin to avoid any damage during tests.
5. Disabled the lms completely to first see how the clients behave just in the network without any lms server.
6. Disabled the WLAN mesh and only had one of the two Fritz!Boxes serve the WLAN, this Fritz!Box box is connected via gigabit LAN to the Fritz!Box cable router and DHCP server. Worked like this for years.


– The two pi Zero W clients as well as the original squeeze controller are visible in the network and the m2p web interface of the pi Zero W clients is accessible.
– The three pi A+ clients (with EDimax WLAN adapter, all purchased from M2P shop) appear after inserting the freshly prepared SDcard with latest m2p image but
– the access point setup does not work, the password for the network is reported as invalid on connect.
– The WPS setup takes a long time but after some 10 minutes all clients appear and can be set up similar to the pi Zero W clients (remove unnecessary plugins, enable write protect).
– Then the A+ clients are visible on the network for some minutes but then suddenly disappear. The router (A Fritz!Box 6590 cable) does not report them anymore in the mesh interface and they can not be accessed either by the web interface or ssh or ping. They seem of the network. A reboot of the A+ clients triggers same behavior, they can be seen for a few minutes in the Fritz!Box network overview (although without any information on the quality of the connection as is normal for any other connected clients), but then disappear again and are inaccessible.

So I don’t know if this is the reason but it seems highly unrealistic that exactly all the A+ clients create a problem, right? I think this has to be fixed first before I can go on and test the lms on one of the clients as you, Heiner, proposed. Any ideas on this behavior of the systems?

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