Reply To: [SOLVED] Playlisten lassen sich nicht speichern

23. April 2019 at 10:02 #45099

Hallo slcfan,

Wahrscheinlich ist dein Playlisten-Ordner schreibgeschützt, weshalb der LMS nicht zugreifen kann:

> [16-07-15 21:11:39.1111] Slim::Formats::Playlists::Base::_filehandleFromNameOrString (86) Error: Could't open /var/lib/squeezeboxserver/PL/CLF.m3u for writing.

LMS doesn't have permisson to write to your playlist folder. Therefore 
the playlist does exist before the scan - but only in the database. Once 
you rescan, and the database gets wiped, the playlists are gone, because 
LMS wasn't able to write them to disk.

Try to change permissions on that folder.



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