Reply To: [FIX IN BETA] Rotary Encoder Plugin with NEW IQAudio DigiAMP+

28. März 2019 at 0:54 #44911

Hi Heiner,

Success!! Thank you very much indeed!! Rotary encoder volume control is now working with the NEW IQAudio DigiAmp+. Excellent!

Just FYI, the mute button doesn’t work with GPIO22 (pin 15):

When using the command line option:

-o hw:CARD=IQaudIODAC -V Digital -Q -X 22

The following output is seen:

Update Configfile - existing Entry changed
Updated Squeezelite Settings - Restart Squeezelite to apply changes!
Trying to stop ... successfully stopped
Trying to launch ... NOT successful Click here to show detailed information
gpio: Unable to open GPIO direction interface for pin 22: No such file or directory
wiringPiISR: unable to open /sys/class/gpio/gpio22/value: No such file or directory

I’ve not had time to debug it yet, and understand if you would prefer this to be raised in a new thread if required?