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11. März 2019 at 12:39 #44740

The auto-connect function works in tandem with the BT device’s own protocol for connection. Some speakers need constant re-connection, some are completely open to all pairings, some require a code to be entered. As mentioned, we have not had any experience with the SB Roar but seems to be an advanced Bluetooth solution.
Please try to do the apt-get update upgrade (takes a few minutes) through our Raspberry Settings to rule out any possible dependency issue with Raspbian’s packages (our BT solution is directly based upon the official Raspbian solution).

Please also make sure the „Bluetoooth-Speaker“ player below the pairing list is not active or in autostart.

Meanwhile, I will try to recreate the issue here with a Pi3B and Max2Play 2.47 image. Please let me know if there any other factors in your system (like LMS installed) that might also recreate.