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4. März 2019 at 2:38 #44630

Ok I leaned something here that I wasn’t aware of. drives formatted in fat has smaller identifying numbers than NTFS NFS formatted drives hmmm also fat formatted drives doesn’t really show that number.

Every partition (part of a drive) has a uniq identifying number called UUID. I wanted to see the distribution of all drives and their
id’s however your shorter UUID number turns out to be OK. I then wanted to hold your UUID up to the fstab to see in the drives registration had gone wrong which isn’t the case.

Your UUID doesn’t show up because linux hide fat UUID’s in the way we checked. I don’t think that there is anything wrong in this direction ….. let’s focus on what Heiner said about special rights or restrictions on your files.

In linux folders have to have permissions and a owner assigned to them before you can access them. Luckily we do not have to do that manually to every folder and file. In the following code we assign permission to the user (pi=the one you are locked into):

go to the Remote control plug-in

First we set the permission to allow all users to read and write (but only Adm to execute files by the number 775) in the folder usb0 and every folder and file with in that folder (-R)


chmod -R 775 /media/usb0

Next we tell the system who owns the folders and files with in the usb0 folder user (pi) aswell as group (pi)


chown -R pi:pi /media/usb0

sudo reboot

after the reboot go back to your usb0 folder

cd /media/usb0


you should now se folder or flies who are stored on your hard drive.

If this is the case open your Logitech media server and go to the settings page. Check that the server is set to scan the /media/usb0
and do a complete scan.

Let me hear if that worked!


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