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11. Februar 2019 at 14:57 #44430

Hi folks,

I’ve just found this thread after checking out where Max2Play is at these days (I’ve not used it for a few months). I would very much like to see a VPN implementation. One of the reasons I’ve switched away from Max2Play is the lack of VPN support. OpenVPN support would seem a good first step. I have a subscription with PureVPN and their Kodi addon works flawlessly on the same Raspberry Pi B+ (using LibrELEC OS)on which I also ran M2P. Interestingly though, I’ve not had much success with PureVPN on my QNAP HS-251+ NAS. There, OpenVPN works better than other protocols (PureVPN can use several different protocols) but I haven’t been successful yet! Thought I’d share this, as implementation clearly needs careful research.
Come to think of it – isn’t there a Kodi implementation for Max2Play? So presumably any VPN addons for Kodi would work with Kodi on M2P, so there is already a partial implementation on M2P and that should be a help in creating a native M2P VPN addon, shouldn’t it?

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