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12. Januar 2019 at 23:14 #43561


my hifi setup won’t allow me to downgrade on a low bitrate, I’d like to enjoy my music in highest bitrate possible provided by spotify because i would hear the lower quality on my hifi equipment – and thats not what it is supposed to be used for.

My exact hardware setup:
– Raspberry Pi Rev. 2 Model B with a HifiBerry Digi – output via optical SPDIF on my av receiver
– Spotify clients: samsung galaxy s8, a tablet with windows 8.1 pro and a desktop client lan-attached

I installed the latest available max2play image on my sd card, and tried the spotify connect plugin first.
It didn’t work very well and as an alternative i installed the logitech media server environment with the spotty plugin and encountered the same skipping issues. Due to the higher hardware load, i’d say the skipping issues were even more dramatic with the logitech media server installed.

The problem comes up on all songs / playlists i use in spotify and is not music specific. With the size of the playlist the problem grows, though.

After some days of try and error with different media solutions, i finally switched back to volumio – but without a spotify connect plugin (which also works very slow on volumio). As an alternative, the volumio client runs on a DLNA / AirPlay basis, and with the Android App namened ‚HiFy‘ i can emulate a spotify connect accountant in my network. With this, skipping is a pure joy, even if there is a minimal lag of 1 or 2 seconds in the playback.