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3. Januar 2019 at 18:16 #43092

Thanks, Heiner.

The big problem with my first setup was the USB DAC, which does not like Linux
at all on any machine. Most of the rest was fixed by changing all references in
/etc/asound.conf referring to card 0 to card 1, since all attempts to make the
usb DAC card 0 failed. The on-board sound (for which there is NO hardware on
the HC1) uses the native I2S and I have found no way to blacklist or otherwise
disable it; the driver is evidently compiled into the kernel.

Anyway, ALMOST everything works–equalizer, bs2b (both of which I need)—
I need to learn how to chain them so I get both, but the big missing thing
is volume. Both the Meridian Explorer 2, and the Headstreamer I have been using
have software-controlled hardware volume control, which alsamixer controls perfectly,
but I have been completely unable to control it with squeezelite. I have tried -V
almost_everything for the squeezelite command-line options (amixer says `PCM‘,
but not this, nor ‚Master‘, „Digital‘, ‚hw:1‘, nor a few more, work. Any ideas??

thanks much, and for Max2Play–a very nice piece of software.