Reply To: Pi3B+ and IQaudioO Pi-DAC+ Pro: no sound

26. Dezember 2018 at 23:26 #42951

Hi Bruce

[18:36:04.898989] test_open:384 playback open error: No such file or directory: tells you that Squeezelite have found your soundcard but it can’t find the „driver“ in any file or directory!

lsmod | grep snd shows all soundcards and their options. lsmod: snd_soc_iqaudio_dac 16384 0 confirms you’re soundcard.

1. In the Raspberry Settings tap have you selected your soundcard ?? (if not select it and hit save)
2. Check: Audioplayer/Mediaplayer Squeezelite & Airplay…/Edit Advanced Options/ Have you tried all the iqaudio „drivers“ in there??