Reply To: Squeezebox & SpotifyConnect randomly stops playing.

3. Oktober 2018 at 11:33 #38341

Update… After trying to reinstall a fresh image of max2play, i accidentally broke my micro sd card 🙁 Stupid case.
Had to buy a new one. Installed max2play again. Installed LMS and spotty.
Again distorted sound. Instantly. Strange…

Finally i tried piCorePlayer LMS only.
Strange thing is, the sounds also started distorted?? Like a digital cd-rom in a audioplayer.

But i tried to rule out the software and hardware so i tried the cables between my squeezebox receiver and B&O stereo.
That didnt seem to help. Would make no sense too.
But after some restarts, playback seems to be stable now wit picoreplayer. Sometimes a short delay or a plop sound. Not fully confidant if the raspberry will act as a good LMS, but will keep an eye on it
So strange. It’s sounds like a digital problem, a faltering cable would not cause that.. would it?????

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