Reply To: Squeezebox & SpotifyConnect randomly stops playing.

18. September 2018 at 10:32 #37884

@dennis: okay, I thought you were using the Pi for playback, too. Sorry about the misunderstanding. In that case, you can start deactivating services and focus on the Squeezebox Server. If you are running it via WiFi, try deactivating WiFi and connecting to ethernet and see if your problems persist. If they diappear, you can consider purchasing a WiFi dongle to eliminate the built-in WiFi as a potential source of error. If you have Pi3, deactivate bluetooth as well. If these steps do not help, please post the debug info from the Squeezebox Server menu of Max2Play.

@Hilary: Okay, please paste the debug info log from your Squeezebox Server menu of Max2Play after you’ve experienced such faulty playback. Also, if possible, try running the setup on ethernet for a while to rule out WiFi as a source of error.