Reply To: Onboard wifi currupt ?????

19. Juli 2018 at 19:13 #36683

Hi Heiner
Thanks for the reply.
I should have said that I have tried several wifi dongles and still no luck. Still the same issues.

But what I did manage to do without an external wifi dongle just by using the internal wifi of the pi, is get the Pi to connect to a travel router (

So I now have my router in the car, this is hooked into my Pi’s wifi LAN (NOT ACCESSPOINT)and all is working fine, indeed its all seems to boot up quicker than the accesspoint on it’s own.

However, I have not actually cured the problem, just managed to find a way around it for now. But I’d like to try and get my Pi’s working in accesspoint mode so I would like to try your suggestion by changing the channel No on the pi. I would be very thankful if you might be able to point me in the right direction (web page ?) please to help me do this. Thanks again. Alex