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19. März 2018 at 14:27 #34536

Hi Heiner,

I’m a long-standing user of SB Radios and Booms, both of which are self-contained Squeezebox units, and I’m looking to switch to replacement stand-alone hardware. The Squeezelite-RPi setup is messy and voice control isn’t supported in LMS, so I’m going with Alexa Echos. I want to have LMS and mymediaalexa combined on the same RPi (with common routings for my NAS and playlists), so my question is whether max2play has anything to offer in such integration. Clearly piCorePlayer can’t accommodate mymediaalexa, and installation of LMS and mymediaalexa under Raspian is a irritating in its complexity. So I’m looking hopefully at you! 🙂