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9. März 2018 at 23:08 #34306

It is already quite easy to use M2P based raspberry in a Roon sytem: simply switch on LMS compatibility in your Roon core and all SB players (incl. Squiezelite) can be used as Roon endpoints.

I’m currently testing this setup and it works fine.

I’m however not sure yet if I want to make the jump to a Roon based setup. LMS + Squeezelite players + iPeng remote app is still unbeatable in some aspects.
I don’t get it… how can a 10 year old system still beat all those systems out there like BlueSound, Linn, Naim and the likes in terms of usability? And even more incomprehensible: why has almost no hardware manufacturer used the LMS platform to develop their system on? I only know of Bryston who did this…