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12. Dezember 2017 at 23:37 #32921

UPDATE: my bluetooth is working good from 2 hours . I deactiveted the UPNP plugin and now it’s working… GREAT! I ll test still some hour tonight and tomorrow.. but i hope it will ok!!

UPDATE 2:after i texted here…it stopped work!!! But i don’t know if it s a problem connected to Bluetooth.. I started to put music in playlist and LMS started to be slow, i push play or add list and it answer after many many minutes!! It looks like if it lost the connection (but now my internet is going good,without problems.. no disconnections)

EDIT: i dont understand one thing: i connect my bluetooth,it says me CONNECTION SUCCESSFULL, but if i try to connect another device to my speakers, the other device connect to speaker… this means that the bluetooth of max2play doesnt pair…

I did others test. I have diffent problems:
– bluetooh has difficult to pair my speaker;
– when i pair it Bluetooth falls after few seconds,but it is still pair cause when i restard squeezlite audio coome back for some second,then fall again
– whhen audio falls,the minutes and the seconds of the track goes go the end of the song,or seconds start to move in forward and back
– lms lost my files. If i play an mp3, in the next restart it is lost!
– many often when i restart max2play,and it starts again,i push to open lms panel and it gives me error page.

Well,my raspberry 3 is connected to a Qnap Nas(both on ethernet),and music folder is mounted on max2play. My nas is full for 1023,89GB,but all this happens even if i mount just one folder.
I m trying give u how much info as possible. I m thinking it could be cause a not good connection in last days,but previous week this happened with just when i tried to hear music with bluetooth. If i heard by hesdphones it never gave me problems.

Sorry if text too long.

TEST IN MORNING: i m still testing the system. I think to have problem with PulseAudio. If i chosoe Pulseaudio as output i have all the problems i texted yesterday, bluetooth in primis. If i choose output like Default,connecting headphones, i have any kind of problem,no audio interruption,no problems with the tracks, and it play for hours and hours..

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