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9. Dezember 2017 at 14:59 #32843

Hey guys,

I read now for around 1h cross this forum trying solving my problem:

I just got the Pro-Licence because Max2Play + Bluetooth Plugin (as a reciver) would work perfectly for my whole house multi room sound system. I have to have BT because of sources which can’t be streamed via DLNA or Network Apps (Spotify etc.) like Audible from my smartphone.

On two RPi3 without any soundcard, with the newest 2.45 image from the website and BT Plugin up, running, paired and connected, I had the same issue: Sound was cracking, jumping some ms back and forth, buffer collapse and also reboot.

For me it sounded like wrong buffer parameters so I was trying to get information in the backend (SSH) or even reconfigure buffer.

While reading in the forum is saw this post:

Maybe it helps to disable wifi and use Ethernet only. I have read about problems if both modules are activated.

Without believing it would work this solved the problem on both of my RPi. Coming from the idea of a multi room wifi sound network, LAN is not working in my case.

Is this problem known, any (backend) workaround?