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6. Dezember 2017 at 17:23 #32811

Hi guys, i m a new user,my name is Antonio and i’m for my english,absolutly not perfect.
I m testing max2play on my configuration. For now i just have Raspberry Pi 3 (i ll order ALLO BOSS DAC this weekend) connected to a QNAP NAS which i have more of 500giga of music (mp3 and flac). I wanted try bluetooth addon cause i use bluetooth daily with AUDIOVECTOR’s speaker.
I want build a system of music for all the rooms of my flat, so i m interesting to resolve various very little problems i m having..and this is the first and more important.
My problem with bluetooth (i dnt know if it s a common problem) is that i can be able to connect the speaker, it plays for 5/10/30 mins (with frequently disturbes) and then it stopped to play until i restart all the system and i reconnect it again..and then always the same. I need to resolve this cause i must understand if i need a dac or not, cause if i ll be able to have a stable bluetooth i ll concentrate to another room of my flat. Tnx to everyone will help me…and still sorry if my english is not correct.

UPDATE: clearly i tested it even without bluetooth, with headphones connection, and it played music for hours and hours without any kind of problem. And i noticed that with Spotify Connection Server and Bluetooth i have problems too..but this is another problem. First better to think to the first.

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