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10. November 2017 at 20:54 #32412

Heiner – thanks for the reply.

1. I set up fixed IP as a trouble-shooting step to by-pass DHCP IP renewal; eth0 going dead occurs with both fixed IP (set either from the Max2Play admin UI or in the dhcp config file in /etc) and without fixed IP.

2. The 2Tb USB disk is attached to a powered hub with the hub’s connecting cable running to the RPi2, so its operation should not be a draw on the RPi2 power supply. I have not modified any setting related to the RPi2 (cpu overclocking or power output to USB ports).

How can I check the input power coming into the RPi2? I’m using the AV/DC power brick that I bought when I bought the RPi2 from HifiBerry.

Other than setting the USB to be persistently mounted, installing LMS/SqueezeLite, and using aptitude from a terminal session to install a few mp3 tag editing apps, this is a stock Max2Play/RPi2 unit. I don’t use the desktop UI and have no keyboard/mouse attached, nor do I use HDMI out to any monitor.

It failed again last night. Was streaming a local radio station and it went silent. I observed the ethernet port activity lights continue to flash for about five minutes, then they went dark and did not resume activity. I went to bed. This morning the ethernet port activity lights were again active with no action on my part and I could again connect to the LSM with my smartphone app. So, sometime overnight the eth0 issue righted itself. BUT … I could not play an internet stream. All attempts reported that the stream URL could not be found. I could play music from my library on the USB drive.

Very odd behavior. I’ve been using this thing for many, many weeks. Why should the eth0 link go down like this? When this happens, btw, I have wifi connections to the router and I can check email, etc., so the network itself is there.