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27. September 2017 at 10:15 #31568

I am still having trouble getting repeatable results.

I have 2 identical setups with Raspberry PI 2 with HiFiBerry Digi+. I reloaded one with a fresh image downloaded from Max2Play. The previous loads were sourced from HiFiBerry but I do not think that has any bearing.

Last night I thought I had found that if the Player name/URL had a ‚-‚ in it, then that was causing an issue, especially as the result of setting Network Lookup displays the names truncated from that ‚-‚ eg using mx-middle as the name resulted in middle.home as the name in the Network Lookup list displayed top right on the web interface. It still appears to reduce the reliability of the autostart but that may be coincidence as removing the ‚-‚ has not guaranteed that the autostart will succeed every time.

Both boxes are connected by LAN to a PowerLine network using TP-Link AV1200 adaptors and I am wondering if they are introducing instability. Equally I realised this morning that one of the boxes was set for Europe/Berlin whilst the other was correct as Europe/London. This was a bit of an oversight and may be Spotify didn’t always like Connect devices on the same Premium account in different timezones although again it had been working some times.

Having corrected the timezone I will keep trying and see how stable the Autostart is. Moving to WiFi may be an issue as the 2.4GHz band for which I have dongles is very congested here which is why I put in the PowerLine.