Reply To: Music keeps stalling/hanging

8. September 2017 at 22:11 #31226

Hi Heiner,

Thank you for the advise. Following comments/questions from my side:

1) Reg the recommendations:
– disabled built-in audio
– connected different speakers
– checked cables
– ran everything with other distro (was stable, but clearly inferior to m2p with regards to features)
– disabled bt, wifi
=> all with no improvement, but only showing that hardware setup is ok

2) Question: have there by any means been solutions for the hangs/stalls that other users reported? Also in other threads? If yes, what helped them?

3) My current findings:
– after some research I found that shairport is no longer maintained since 3+ years
– however, there are two dozen forks of which mikebrady/shairport-sync is the active one
– I replaced shairport on m2p with shairport-sync and – bingo! – it’s working fine

Maybe something to consider in m2p next update?
Happy to test if you are to issue a beta.

Thank you