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7. Juni 2017 at 16:20 #29344

Kodi comes preinstalled and you can select HDMI for audio in our web interface on in Kodi.

Do you use LibreELEC? Because that’s the only one that lets me choose AZERTY and that really accepts it like AZERTY (Kodi on Raspbian/OSMC let me choose AZERTY but still work as QUERTY). Can I set up that HDMI is fixed for Kodi en the HifiBerry is fixed for music?

Squeezebox system is ideal for almost any device, especially iOS and Android (Apps like Squeezer, iPeng, etc. work flawlessly). But you can also just always use the web interface on any device.

Isn’t it a disadvantage that Squeezebox is „out-of-production“? Isn’t it „dying“ software?
I think I prefer a dedicated app, isn’t a web interface slower and looses a bit space by sitting in a browser?

Kodi for music is not ideal.

You’re right, the remote apps aren’t ideal. You can’t make playlists, for instance. But the sound quality is the same, because that depends on the ALSA software, isn’t it?

If you have any more questions, I’d be happy to answer them. But the best way to decide is to just download the free image and try the free main features yourself to see if Max2Play fits your bill 😉

Happy? 😀
I will test it, as soon as my HifiBerry arrives.

Thanks for your answer!