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18. Mai 2017 at 15:56 #28929

Hi Mohammad,

The Samba share was fine, but I changed it to usb0 rather than usb and rescanned – but both are mapped to the same library. Again no difference – the Pi player max2play Justboom only plays a couple of seconds. However, the local player on the server livingroom.local Pi (Kali/Piano), plays fine, as does a SqueezePlay player on one of my desk macs and a SqueezePad player on my iPad – this is the same controller that is being used with the max2play squeezelite player on the Pi – which fails. The controller is seeing the LMS at which is livingroom.local and is correct.

Can you please confirm what the command line should be – I have tried all options I can think of and none make a difference to playback or cause the players to disappear – I have tried :

-o hw:CARD=sndrpijustboomd -V Digital -Q -s livingroom.local:9000

-o hw:CARD=sndrpijustboomd -V Digital -Q -s livingroom.local [:9000]

-o hw:CARD=sndrpijustboomd -V Digital -Q -s livingroom.local

It is only the max2play players that have a problem playing from a remote LMS 🙁