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10. Mai 2017 at 4:10 #28773

Hallo Mohammad.

I followed your advice and put a little trust in the M2P team. Have to say, you folks have figured out a few things. I got the Google Music part working now, but only after I did a complete re-install of the LMS server and plugin. No, I didn’t use a 3rd party plugin before. After the re-install, I signed in again to Google Music with my credentials and a registered Google ID. Helpful to know that you need to use the „Google Framework ID“ as presented by the „Device ID“ Android app.

Remaining issues:

1) LMS server is binding itself to the wlan0 interface. Why? I have both eth0 and wlan0 running. Right now, LMS is skipping the music stream like crazy. When I stop the stream, network buffering seems to catch up and play the stream cleanly for 2-3 minutes before it starts stuttering again. Very annoying. I know I can shut down wlan0 and restart LMS, which is what I will start next. Hope to have LMS bind to eth0 and see if that stops the stuttering. Either way, my wifi connection at home is excellent, so I think something else is the problem.

(edited): skipping continues with LMS bound to eth0. So it’s not a network interface problem. Appears to be happening with G Music streams and with the local library and NAS streams, but it took 6-7 minutes for the NAS stream to start skipping.

2) Sampling rate remains at 44.1 kHz, no matter what I try. I opted for the CLI option -r 192000 under „Advanced Edit“ in the Squeezelite configuration and the tried the LMS setting in Player/Audio/Bitrate Limiting = 192000. Neither option produces 192000. My DAC handles 384kHz PCM if needed, but I’ll be happy with 192k.

If you have a recommendation on these two issues….that would be great.

Beste Grüße, -frank

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