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7. Mai 2017 at 4:18 #28737

Here is an update:

Rebooted several times, enabled Squeezelite. In LMS under Player I now see max2play and Squeezeplay. The library scanner for the CIFS mount is also doing it’s job now. Songs appear to be streaming now, I see activity on the DAC (PCM 44.1K sampling) and I get sound for stream from the local library and Radio. Was another reboot the cause why things are working now? Is there a way to set the Digi+ Pro to 24/192khz?

Google Music remains problematic. I see the same repeat errors in the log files:

Error 403

\n\n\n‘) at line 2
[17-05-06 20:07:33.1803] Plugins::GoogleMusic::ProtocolHandler::getNextTrack (103) Looking up stream url for url googlemusic:track:15e6ffba-04f4-3849-b3d7-9f623bd48abe failed: CallFailure: GetStreamUrl: 403 Client Error: Forbidden
(requests kwargs: {u’url‘: u’‘, u’headers‘: {u’X-Device-ID‘: ‚max2play‘, u’Authorization‘: u“}, u’allow_redirects‘: False, u’params‘: {u’opt‘: u’hi‘, u’songid‘: u’15e6ffba-04f4-3849-b3d7-9f623bd48abe‘, u’pt‘: u’e‘, u’slt‘: ‚1494126452965‘, u’sig‘: ‚t-PBtEy_gSvBKai3x34MnoGh8Go‘, u’hl‘: u’en_US‘, u’tier‘: u’aa‘, u’net‘: u’mob‘}, u’method‘: u’GET‘})
(response was: u’\n\n\n\n\n


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