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4. Mai 2017 at 15:26 #28705

until max2play will do that, we can create some own project to realize that 😉
My project at home has some kind of Raspberry Nodes without any webinterface beside webmin (administration) or mjpg streamer (raspi or usb cam streaming server for my zoneminder VM).

I realized the following functionality allready:
1. raspbian jessie light with pixel (desktop) and Cairo dock (Menu)
2. mjpg streamer experimental (supports also raspi cam)
3. shairport-sync (supports synced streaming)
4. MPD Server (used for FHEM automation and MPD clients on smartphones and tablets)
5. pico2wave (text to speach engine)
6. hostapd (WLAN APs in all rooms, bidged to get all shairport servers on my smartphone/tablets)
7. openelec network boot (running xstream, logan, aluc, with different user management profiles on my server)

There are still some TODOs, but I will use my thin installation in parallel for some clients and my own development.
Its much more easy to return to a snapshot which is stable on my nfs server running as VM on my citrix server (6.5 free edition). I can use xencenter (free) or similar (scripted) to create or return to snaphots. And because homeautomation is a living thing this is the most usefull functionality when some updates/upgrades/development are causing problems.

Hope that may2play will take up that aspect some day 🙂