Reply To: Library too big for a RPi3?

2. Mai 2017 at 16:31 #28671

Thanks for the reply Mbydeen, but when I asked in December (2TB partition limit – Fact or Fiction?), Christoph said “It may now be possible to mount more than 2TB with the Raspberry Pi and Raspbian. But we haven’t a 4TB hard drive to test it.” User sfraser131 mentioned that he was also using a 4TB NTFS partition.

Do you have specific knowledge of why using an Advanced Format drive larger than 2TB with M2P would be a problem, or are you just repeating the (possibly outdated) limitation statement that appears on the M2P Filesystem Mount page?

In LMS I have increased the Priority of the Server to Above Normal, the Scanner to Normal and the Database Memory Config to High, and that seems to have helped quite a bit when scrolling by Music Folder. Scrolling by Songs, Albums and Artists is still a problem though, to the point where those browse options are unusable. Seems to me more like a large database issue, a transfer speed bottleneck due to the database being on the SD card or a processing bottleneck due to inefficient use of the multiple cores of the RPi3.

If nothing can be done to M2P or LMS to improve the performance of its large database handling, I can live with it. Or I suppose I could try an Odroid instead, but I rarely browse by anything other than Music Folder anyway.

Does anyone else have experience with this large of a library?