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10. April 2017 at 17:50 #28083

@peterng: Thanks for this info! I never had a device with PIN for testing so far. I think in that special case it is needed to manually use SSH and the command you posted until I figure out how to send this PIN with the commandline from the web interface.

@eriche: looks good so far. Device is connected, BUT according to your log file, there seem to be multiple card profiles recognized at your speaker. This might lead to using the wrong output or mode. Is your Bluetooth Speaker also capable of recording (e.g. streaming bluetooth instead receiving)?
If possible, can you login with SSH as user „pi“ and change the current card-profile to test if this fixes the No-Sound-Error. The command to find the possible modes of your bluetooth speaker and the command to change the profile should be:
pacmd list-cards
and to set to a2dp (should be output)
pacmd set-card-profile bluez_sink.99_99_22_00_13_48 a2dp

I added a more detailed output to the latest Max2Play-BETA, that shows all card profiles in the Debug Output on the Bluetooth page. Maybe you can update to the Beta and send the last entry from the Debug output. This might help me to tell you if the problem is indeed caused by multiple card profiles.

I will try to add a „profile“-chooser to one of the following versions of Max2Play.

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