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11. März 2017 at 23:25 #27596

I manage to use a (knock-off) WaveShare 3.5 (Version A).
I bought it on Aliexpress .

I followed the Method 1 described here:

After unpacking the driver file (
I ran the installer:
sudo ./LCD35-show

After rebooting, i can see the screen displaying the startup log, but X was not starting.
After investigating Xorg.0.log, i understand that for some reason the X display module is not working.
I found the following workaround.
I modified the file /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/99-fbturbo.conf
replacing the line
Driver „fbturbo“
Driver „fbdev“

After rebooting, I can see the desktop.

I have been able to run JiveLite.
Unfortunately, the available skin are not optimized for the 480×320 display.
2 options here:
– You can use the skin for adafruit 2.8 . but it the skin will use only 2/3 of the available screen area.
– You can tweak Joggler for our screen resolution:
edit the following file:

and modify line 290
Framework:setVideoMode(480, 320, 0, false)

The modified joggler is not perfect, but it is working.
i am still looking for a skin dedicated to 480×320 resolution.
EDIT: Found this one : (see complete how-to here
I will try it tonight
EDIT2: This skin is perfectly working.