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23. Februar 2017 at 14:22 #27172

Hi Alex,

You can easily turn your device into an accesspoint for other WiFi-devices. Once installed the new WiFi network created by this device enables other devices to access its features and services. It also shares the internet connection if available and forwards all traffic to the long as the accesspoint is installed, you cannot connect to other WiFi-networks with this device.

Installing Bluetooth plugin provide support and connection to your device to use your Bluetooth-Speakers. After installing Bluetooth you have to assign the soundcard Bluetoothspeaker or Pulse to your audioplayers. Do this on the Audioplayer page in advanced settings.

I dont see any problem with coexistence between access point plugin and bluetooth plugin, please go a head and try to configure it, and we will provide the help 🙂

Mohammad Mbydeen