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15. Februar 2017 at 14:45 #26938

I seem to have confused you but I’m more than a little bit confused myself, Mbydeen.

I don’t want to listen to music on my PC at all, and especially not at the same time as on the Pi. I just want to control the Pi’s music output from my PC whilst playing SILENT videos (without audio) on my PC, to compliment the music I hear from the Pi. Like listening to my CD player and watching the TV with the sound down at the same time :=]

As far as I know, I certainly don’t have two audio streamers activated, just 1 squeezebox/squeezlite on my PC. I use the „wired Ethernet connection“ (not WiFi) to my cable router from the PC, PI and AVR. I merely want to see pictures on my PC (with no sound) and just audio only, from the Pi. I hope that is possible.

Sorry to be such a bozo about this.