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14. Februar 2017 at 10:24 #26914

Thank you for responding. I am a novice with RPI

RPI3 with HiFiBerry Digi+Pro (I also have separate RPI3 with DAC+pro in another case)
Windows 10 pro
Both connected with Cat 6 leads to Virgin Media router LAN sockets
TV as monitor
Using Max2Play 2.41
Both my PC and Pi are connected to Marantz AVR with HDMI v1.4 leads
RPI3 connected with coax to AVR as well

First installed and run OSMC on Pi/DAC setup and played crisp clear HiDef audio through speakers and very happy with sound. I wanted to use my computer as well but when selecting the PC on the AVR the sound from Pi stopped, duh? Then discovered M2P and seemed dreams would come true. 3 Weeks later and LMS on PC selects song and plays but no sound, I have to select Pi on AVR to hear audio. Although great quality, I cannot access the PC GUI. I have the UI on Pi with M2P splash screen and task bar. When I select web icon on task bar of Pi/M2P I get the above mentioned (Invalid Desktop Entry File
/usr/share/applications lxde-x-www.browser.Desktop) error message. When playing audio from LMS on PC, the network icon on Pi/M2P shows receiving data but not sending (Idle).
I just realised that I am writing too much :-). I hope you can help as I am fed up with pops and squeaks from windows sound and hoped to get true audiophile from Pi. Also to be able to access PC without losing the audio from Pi. I am at the other end of my life from a 7 year old child, but I have the same understanding??