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9. Januar 2017 at 14:21 #25693

Hi Dboy,

I myself am also using a logitech duet receiver unit with LMS on a Raspberry Pi 3 and I have it working. But I am in the unfortunate situation that my Duet controller unit has charging issues so I can’t use it.

But in my search for solutions I came across a perl script, which can be used to access the configuration of the logitech reciever directly and adjust settings, This may also help you. It is called Net:UDAP. This article explains how to use it and explains the different setup parameters. Especially the server_address:
squeezecenter_address: should reflect the IP address of your LMS server machine.

I am currently controlling the my logitech squeezbox receiver using Rpi 3 with LMS using max2play and jivelite using touchscreen. This works, but only with WiFi enabled, while my Rpi 3 has also an ethernet-connection using a cable. I am still puzzled by that bit myself.