Reply To: Squeezebox/LMS Internet radio

30. Dezember 2016 at 2:20 #25319

Hi std,
Your English is fine! 🙂
1) what version do I use: how would I know? The Squeezebox Server tab in Max2Play does not give the version number anywhere that I can see. However, your instructions say to install 7.9 nightly, so that is what I did.
2) no, I do not use those radio stations. In LMS, under Radio, I use Search to find my station (or Local, FM). I enter KPFA and get a long list, but they are all programs at the same station — Pacifica Radio Berkeley 94.1 — and I choose „Play“ for the top of the list. The right-hand side of the screen shows
64kbps CBR, MP3 Radio
and the time-line progresses, and there is no sound. I assume this is what you mean by „problem of SqueezeboxServer“?

I looked at Tunein Radio, but it offers a free trial and then it seems you have to pay for a subscription. Is that what I have to do? So I created an account at Tunein. I looked at the list of plugins in LMS (SBS) Settings and cannot find Tunein.

Myharmony appears to be selling remote control devices, nothing to do with radio stations.

3) In the plugins list, I saw Pandora, so I clicked on „Logitech“ and set it up with my account. It appears under MyApps in LMS but when I click on it I get an error „You must be a subscriber to use Pandora from this device.“ What else do I need to do?