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8. Dezember 2016 at 18:09 #24703

I have found that I cannot create a NTFS partition any greater than approx. 2T from within the max2play environment. However, if I create the 4T (3.6 T actually) NTFS partition’s from within a Windows 7 environment (2 Bay external USB3 unit configured with 2x4T drives) and then relocate back on the Pi everything is recognised accordingly and seems to work fine. I am using one drive as an LMS music storage and the other as a DLNA video storage. One benefit of this approach is when migrating hundreds of Gigs of content over, I can bring the max2play offline and relocate the external USB drive’s back onto my windows 7 machine and enjoy the high USB3 transfer rate. While the Pi’s 100mbps Ethernet/USB chipset is fine for streaming, it is a bit of a bottle neck when initially moving content over.

M2P engineers, please chime in if above approach is not supported.