Reply To: [SOLVED] Hifiberry DAC+ HW Parameter Optimizing Volume

29. November 2016 at 16:23 #24346

Hi there, good question, I would also like to know…

I have two RPIs with Max2Play – and on both I have the setting „Disable Build-In-Audio on RPI3“ activated)

1. RPI3 with IQaudIO Pi-DAC+

Here I used -o hw:0 -V Digital and it seems to have worked. Should I use „Master“ instead of „Digital“?

2. Audiophonics RaspDAC with I-Sabre V3 DAC ES9023 TCXO

Here I also used -o hw:0 -V Digital – this card uses the Hifiberry DAC (not DAC+!) I2S driver, and supposedly has no hardware volume controls. I believe the setting made a difference, does that make any sense?

@ Thomas – check this out to set max volume 96%:

But that does not work for my I-Sabre… alsamixer says no volume control.

Any help or comments?

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