Reply To: max2play DLNA render?

24. Oktober 2016 at 15:42 #23556

Hi Bernd,
I’ll answer you in English to benefit the rest of the community. Your question, whether you can use BubbleUPnP to play music from your smartphone to your sound card (HiFiBerry), is easily answered: definitely yes.
You can use the simple player „gmediarender“ in the Audioplayer menu on our web interface. It shows up as a simple DLNA renderer in BubbleUPnP on your phone. In the Audioplayer menu, you can select the sound card for output in the advanced settings.
The more elegant option is to use the Squeezelite player under the Squeezebox Server. The server has a plugin to make all your Squeezelite players DLNA compatible, to make them show up on your BubbleUPnP as well! The same principle applies to the sound card output; the advanced options of the player menu let you select the audio output and once you have activated your sound card, the default_hifiberry_amp option will show up.