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16. September 2016 at 19:53 #23071

Hello Heiner,

thanks for your reply and your help. I am using a Sandisk 8GB microSD card. I was assuming that 8GB is enough memory for the Max2Play. I hope I was right here.
Let me describe the procedure I followed when installing.
1) I downloaded Max2Play Image and burned it on my microSD
2) I plugged the microSD in my Raspi and booted
3) I went to „Einstellungen/Reboot“ and updated my system (sorry using German settings here. So if you like you can answer in German too. I was not sure about the language)
4) I expanded the file system („expandiere Dateisystem“)
5) Since I want to use the Raspi just as a server, not a player, I went to „Audioplayer“ and turned off „Squeezelite“
6) I went to „Squeezebox Server“ and received the latest URLs for installation („zeige verfügbare Versionen“) and then picked and installed 7.9 nightly

After installation 42 % of the SD card is unused. The server says that it is running but I cannot access the webinterface.

Once again thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.