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8. September 2016 at 17:26 #22935

Thanks for this Christoph! Will give it a try at some point. For now I realized I have a bigger issue: The rtl8812au driver does not seem to be in the kernel that is used when having the Wolfson card. Compiled a new kernel with support for that chipset but raspi won’t boot from it.
Hence for now I just use my trusted EW-7811UN in standard mode… When I need an AP outside my network, I either need to remember to switch to AP mode or use an external MIFI that has the same SSID as my Home-Music-WLAN to connect to just to have a WiFi at the BBQ site to connect smartphone and boombox. Works 🙂

Would be tremendous if the rtl8812au (for EW-7811UAC) could be included into the next Wolfson compatible kernel because that thing has an awesome range.

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