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19. Juli 2016 at 22:52 #21667


i have exactly the same Problem. Is a external USB Wlan Adapter a must have? Cause i thought the Pi3 has wlan built in!

Today i get my Pi3 with an M2P Image, with IQaudio Dac…Sound Interface

Version 2.33 ist installed

So i connect the Pi3 with LAN, and i get a IP Adress, i used the Web Interface, everything is ok, then i select my ssid, enable Wifi access and enter my Password, after this i reboot via Interface the Pi3. But before reboot i see this:

Status: WiFi adapter status is active. WiFi connection status is active (IP: NO IP! No connection!)

After a reboot without the LAN Cable i cant see my Pi3 on the Router anymore, i used a Scan Network Tool too, but no chance 🙁

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