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8. Juli 2016 at 18:04 #21391

I bought the Pi3 and HiFiBerry DACpro with intent to task it exclusively as a ’smart‘ client running Media Monkey on the Pi and pulling FLAC from my NAS which is running Emby server for my modestly high-end audio only system.

My plan was to install Media Monkey on the Pi, and leave the DB also on the NAS, so that there would be consistency of tags, play lists and whatnot. Unfortunately, I found out that’s not possible because MM does not run on Pi, it only runs on Windows or WINE, so I’m screwed. Musicbee would be a strong 2nd choice, but again – not on Pi – Windows only. Even if I could get some flavor of Windows (even Windows IOT) running on the Pi, the problem would then be driver support for the HiFiBerry DAC, so again… screwed.

As a secondary plan, I tried to use M2P and gmediarenderer as a DLNA client, and control it MediaMonkey on my laptop and/or android phone, but multiple attempts at installation failed miserably; in other words, screwed. After banging my head against the wall with M2P, I finally just went with the HiFiBerry OpenELEC/Kodi image. It just works. But I would like to keep my options open and consider another player – or hopefully one day get MediaMonkey or MusicBee running on the Pi, but I’ve had no end of troubles with M2P. And yes, I am using version 2.32.

If I could at least get M2P and gmediarenderer or preferably upmpdcli working on the Pi, then I could install MediaMonkey on my PC, move the DB to the NAS, and send the audio to the Pi using my laptop or phone as the control point. But again, I’m having no manner of luck at all.

It’s terribly frustrating. Any help is appreciated.