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6. Juni 2016 at 13:02 #20518


thanks for your reply. After a dozend or so tries, my LAN cable finally did manage to get an IP from Fitzbox’s DHCP. I have no clue what’s happening there. Never had this problem when running original Noobs Raspbian on that Pi. Once it got an IP, the rest of the setup was easy.

Please excuse my unprecise descriptions, I am a certified Windows fanboy, but here’s what I noticed being different (as far as i can tell): when the Pi boots from your supplied image, there is some task running during boot that is not on the original Rasbian image and after that I sometimes end with an IP in the range of 169.???.???.???. (instead of 172.23.xx.xx my Fritzbox is setup to use.)

Also kinda unique is the fact that on every reboot of the Pi, I end up with a new IP (until i told Fritz to always assign the same IP to it).

Anyway, i am now all set. Well, ok, let me rephrase: I can now use the Web Interface. There might be more questions later on how to make the best use of it but i shall RTFM somew more first 😉