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15. März 2016 at 15:02 #19277

Hi castalla,

the addon is just made for one BT-device to be connected at a time. It is not meant to run different squeezelite instances for different BT-devices. Although it is possible to easiliy switch the output to another BT-speaker by:
– „disconnect“ from currently connected BT-Speakers
– „reconnect“ the speakers you want to use

On the Jessie-based Image, once BT-speakers are connected pulseaudio (soundserver) will change to play on the BT-speakers. If no BT-speakers are connected squeezelite will default play on the main soundcard. By this you don’t have to change anything in your settings -> just power on BT-Speakers and they will start to play!

The Beta should work for you – maybe you changed some settings while playing with different BT-devices? There is a cronjob in the background running every minute, that detects if BT-speakers are connected.
I just had the problem, that after reconnecting I had to stop and start squeezelite manually, although the output device was correctly set and the squeezelite was running (sounds quite similar to your problem)… maybe I need to add a restart to squeezelite after a successful connection. I think this was mainly because squeezelite was still playing (didn’t pause the stream).

If you power off your BT-speakers and power on later again (what you do in normal usage), they should be connected automatically and the stream for squeezelite should be pointed to the BT-speakers (after maximium 1 minute).